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Five2btc Is Real : How To Make Money Online With Five2btc In Few Weeks

I'm sorry for sharing this late, came across this wonderful opportunity few days ago was willing to share it but was finding it difficult to come up with a good write up but I'already do now.

If you are yet to make a decision regarding N4000, you might not be able to decide on how to spend your N24,000,000 when you get it.....

BITCOIN prices are increasing, the Earlier, the Better.

I would like to Enlighten you on what Five2btc is. (KINDLY IGNORE THIS

Thanks !!

What is Five2btc?

Five2btc is a donation exchange platform where members voluntarily give donations and receive donations.

Five2btc is a Person to Person, Direct Funding and Donation Sharing Platform. It brings forth a new way of raising funds for various causes, whether it is for personal needs or a host of worthy causes, such as schools, non-profit organizations, clubs, etc

It is very simple and straight forward:

The donations are NOT collected by the Administrator, nor are they automated by the system, rather donations are sent directly and personally from one member to another member, from one member’s Bitcoin Wallet to another member’s Bitcoin Wallet.

The Donations are paid directly into your own account, you don't wait for 30 days for any admin to pay you. It's in your account instantly.

That is why it is scam free...

Five2btc uses a 2x5 matrix system which means that participants start out with a maximum of 2 referrals and progress through 5 different levels in the program.

To get started, you need 0.01 btc(N4,000) for the two referrals, I'm coming to that.

Participants on Five2btc don't act in isolation, they're all part of a team to help each other grow and that's why you're here.

One of the selling points of Five2btc is that the participants donate willingly directly to each other's wallet so no single funds goes through Five2btc , the platform is only there for accountability.

The program offers the opportunity to earn a potential 64 bitcoins and is very attainable only if you are dedicated and determined to take the opportunity.

Let me briefly explain how the system works.

Once you sign up with the program, you are placed on level zero and have a maximum number of 24 hours to upgrade to level 1 or you get deleted from the system.

To upgrade to level 1, you need to donate 0.01 btc to your upline and once confirmed, you will be automatically upgraded to level 1 which makes you eligible to refer and receive donations from people.

Once you get your two downlines and each of them donate their 0.01 btc to you, you will have a total of 0.02 btc in your wallet. To get to level 2, you donate 0.015 from the 0.02 to your upline and a profit of 0.005 btc which is about N2000 remains.

On level two, you are now eligible to receive 0.015 donations from 4 downlines so that you have a total of 0.06 btc once donations are completed, you upgrade to level 3 with 0.04 btc and you're left with a profit of 0.02 btc in your wallet which is equivalent to about N8,000.

On level 3, you are eligible to receive 0.04 btc from 8 people, this totals 0.32 btc once donations are completed. You upgrade to level 4 with 0.20 btc so that you are left with a gain of 0.12 btc which is equivalent to about N48,000.

On level 4, you are eligible to receive 0.20 btc from 16 people so that you have a total of 3.2 btc, you upgrade with 2 btc and the remainder 1.2 btc is your profit which is about N480,000

On level 5, you are eligible to receive 2 btc from 32 people so that you have a total of 64 btc, you upgrade with 2 btc and the remainder 62 btc is your profit which is about N24,000,000

Now to the issue of getting referrals. You only need to refer a maximum of 2 people which is not very hard. Everyone is naturally interested in any money making opportunity because we all need money, that's the reason we are all here. Even if you can't get your immediate friends to join, I'm sure we are all part of one social
network or another, show them this amazing bitcoin earning model, and even if you can't convince them, invite them here, we hold this Seminar on almost a daily basis so they can learn more about the program.

If after trying everything above and you still can't get people to join(which is nearly impossible), this program has got you covered was as it was designed with that in mind, that's why the program features a spillover system.

Since each participant is allowed to have only a maximum 2 referrals, you get to benefit from spillovers from the uplines like me and the rest of the the team members on level 2+ as we have already got our two referrals already. So, anyone signing up using the group link will go to those yet to get referrals.

But it doesn't mean you shouldn't try to get people to join. As we the uplines are working hard to make sure everyone gets downlines, you should try as much as possible to play your own part in getting people in. It's basically teamwork, we helping each other succeed and growing faster hence the reason you have to join our Team. :

Active Team : Register Now

Register and call or whatsapp me on 08120542492 or send a mail to Pinvinne.

We'll guide you to your 64BTC on five2btc.



1) Investment is only N4,000

2) You only need to refer 2 people

3) Earning is huge ....64 btc (Cumulative)

4) N4,000 is not a big figure but 63 btc is a huge huge amount.

5) If u invest in helping plans you need to wait for at least 1 month yet you are not sure if your money will return or not

(Not talking of MMM).

6) No fear of loosing your invested capital of N4,000

7) There is no admin whom you are paying to and no administrative charges.

8) Here you only pay to your sponsor not to the system or to any admin. Hence there  is no basis for scam.

9) Payment is directly person to person.

10) No doubt, you will definitely get your capital of N4,000 back and much more.

Five2btc is a golden opportunity don't miss it.

Note : Please ensure you have a bitcoin wallet with funded with 0.01 btc as you have only 24 hours to pay once you have signed up on and you are only required to enroll 2 people here.

#come join our team.

Active Team : Register Now

Our strategy is mind blowing. We use  a style that would help the weak team member who might not be able to refer people.

We would use the spill over effect inbuilt on the platform to the best advantage of every member. Hence we shall get to the destination right on time.

Guess what , this can happen in a few weeks.

You can also go online and do your research. when you are done and probably get convinced in becoming a member, kindly get back to me.

We are presently building a strong team to hit our target on time. And those in my team are so hungry for success. All you will do is to get other like-minded people like you involved in it. with that, nothing can stop us.

When mmm started, some people ignored it but those who are enjoying the benefit the most are those who started early with multiple referrals. So don't delay, let's get moving...

Linda Ikeji bought her house N500,000,000 over the profit she made off bitcoin.

In summary:

Level 1 = 2 People

Level 2 = 4 People

Level 3 = 8 People

Level 4 = 16 People

Level 5 = 32 People

Upgrading fee on each level:

 Level 1 = (0.01 btcs) N4,000

 Level 2 = (0.015 btcs) N5,800

 Level 3 = (0.04 btcs) N15,000

 Level 4 = (0.2 btcs) N75,500

 Level 5 = (2 btcs) N740,000

Your income on each level:

Level 1 = N8,000

Level 2 = N23,200

Level 3 = N120,000

Level 4 = N1,208,000

Level 5 = N24,000,000

It's possible we can do it together.

Register with our Team link :

Active Team : Register Now

Then call or whatsapp me on  08120542492 or send a mail to Pinvinne.

See you guys at the TOP.
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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

6 Reasons Your Blog Don't Show Up In Search Engines.

You might be worried why your blog don't always show up in search engines and it has resulted to you having low traffic to your blog.Some bloggers has the same problem but it will be solved today.

If your blog don't always show up in search engines,then you need to work on it.Every blogger wants his/her contents to get indexed often in search engines,which will result to a range number of traffic.

If your blog have an upper hand in search engines,then google will always send you traffic,because they'll be indexing your blog posts often and on.

Today,I will be writing on why your blog don't always show up in search engines.

You're using a blogger blog: 

One of the reasons your blog don't always show up in search engines is because you use a blogger blog to blog. Using a blogger blog to blog which is officially owned by google,you won't get an upper hand in search engines. Blogger blogs have less exposure.

okay let me prove it : If you can just think 80% of blogs you enter when you search for something in google are not hosted in,they're hosted at wordpress or somewhere else. It's so hard to see a blogger blog indexed by google. So having Known this,You should consider having a self hosted blog at wordpress or any host you like,and then watch your blog get an upper hand in search engines gradually.

You don't have quality Backlinks :

One of the reasons why you don't have an upper hand in search engines is because you don't have quality backlinks linking to your blog. Google won't waste time to index your blog if you have a lot of quality backlinks to your blog.

What Google understands is that Backlinks depicts how important your page is and the also see backlinks as votes,the more quality backlinks/votes you have,the more google will index your site. So,start creating quality backlinks to your site,it plays a good role too in making your blog show up in search engines often.

You don't make make use of keywords tool:

This term should be acknowledged if you want google to index your site the way you want. You need to make use of a keyword tool. Example of a keyword is " Search engine optimization",but you can add it a little sentence in other to look like " 4 killer search engine optimization tips" Use this keyword all over your post but don't over do it,keep your visitors in mind,don't let them get confused when reading your article,you can also use relevant keywords.

When you use keywords in your article,google will send you traffic if some couple of people googled with that keyword you used in your blog when writing. Now,you've seen and understood how important it is to use keywords in your article.

You have little or no content :

In other for your blog to always show up in search engines,you must have and write unique contents. Your contents should be great and interesting and furthermore understandable. You don't have to confuse your visitors with your jargon's.

You should be able to write at least 700 words and above and make you sure you always cover the topic you started.

You should always have enough contents,google loves unique contents,so make it as a habit today and start writing original and unique contents.

Your blog is not properly optimized:
Also think of optimizing your blog if you want an upper hand in google search engines. Optimizing your blog is extremely important because it plays a good role too in indexing your blog properly.

Some of the optimization Guides are :

Optimize your blog tittle:
If your blog tittle looks like "welcome to my blog" its not right,you should include your keywords there too like : blogging tips | web designs | Online Marketing. Its helps google to actually understand what you're up to.

Optimize your pictures :
When you're uploading a picture rename it to a keyword,example : Blogspot.jpg and not 0075.jpg,and don't forget to edit you alt text to your keywords too.

Optimize your blog contents :
When writing an article,input your keywords in the first paragraph and at the last paragraph.

You're practicing copy and paste :
Many people has been doing that lately and this method won't help you rank well in google searches. It hurts your ranking badly. If you do this,you're also putting the real owner of the content in trouble because it will also hurt his/her ranking as well.

So,you should consider writing your own content and google will never waste time to acknowledge your existence. Always write unique contents,let it be consumable and accurate and don't try to tweak other people's post.

Above is what might be hindering your blog from showing up in search engines and the moment you start learning from it,then google will always make your blog have an upper hand in search engines.

Do you have anything to say,kindly use the comment box..

Don't forget to share!
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Sunday, 16 October 2016

4 Killer Ways To Write Blog Contents Yourself

how to write blog contents,killer blog articles

Writing original blog contents yourself to your blog always makes your blog to stand out no matter what. You entered into the blogging world,yet you're still copying from other bloggers,what difference does it make? Some bloggers out there are sometimes short of words and don't know what to write on again.

Today I will be teaching those bloggers "How to write original contents in their blog by yourselvesSometimes we open a blog to make money,but where are the things that will yield us money? Below is the chart I made.

Unique contents » visitors/traffic » money

I know the first and second step is so hard to get now,but that's exactly what I want to tackle.

This lesson is like a tutorial and before it can work for you,you need to have 20% + the knowledge of the niche you're writing on.If you don't have the knowledge,then it won't work for you.

#1 know your blog niche:

Firstly,you need to know your blog niche. You need to define your blog niche.You need to know what your blog niche is all about.If you're running a micro or macro niche,you need to have a knowledge of them as well.Your blog niche is what defines your blog,your blog niche needs to be understandable,hot cake and accurate.Your blog niche should be what 70% of visitors will like.

Every blog niche you choose,you need to have atleast 20% knowlege of it;If you don't,switch to the one you have the knowledge.Whenever you're choosing a blog niche try to research and see if its okay by you and if you can go ahead with it.In my blog Firmlogger,I talk about blogging tips, social media tips, internet marketing, make money online, web designs and inspirational topicsIt seems like many topics but its actually one if you look clearly.

In other to make this tutorial work for you,you need to define your blog niche and know what's its really speaking about.

#2 Have a writng material:

Getting a writing material is very easy.Your writing material will be made up of #1 Book and #2 Pen.With these two materials,you're ready.

Your writing material is what you will need in other to write and make some corrections on the blog post you have written before transferring to your blog.

Don't write directly to your blog,although I have no explanations about it for now,but having a writing material will help you out a lot;and that's what you will also be needing in this tutorial in other to write contents by yourself. I use a long tick note as one of my writing material and it really helps especially in future,because you can go through it and there you can bring out another interesting topic and write about it immediately.

#3 Don't be lazy:

Before you thought of becoming a blogger,you should have known it needs commitment and dedication and as well patience. If you're the type that is always lazy,I don't think this tutorial will work for you. For you to write original contents by yourself,you need to be hardworking and you should know,you're really gonna start thinking and writing it down somewhere.

You need to write what visitors will love and what's presentable.You can't be lazy and you expect to write original contents yourself. Moreover,you need to be hard working and committed if you wanna make it work and if you really want to make this happen yourself.

#4 Do some research:

This step is actually where the magic happens,and where you need to combine all the steps mentioned earlier.Here,you need to do some research and when doing the research,make sure you have a writing material with you.

You will have to browse on the internet for blog topics relating to your blog niche,remember"You must know your blog niche"
While browsing on related blog topics for your blog niche,and you saw a very interesting blog post update someone else has written and it was accurate,Now do the following carefully:

  • Copy down the blog topic
  • Paste the blog topic in the search engine and hit "search"

After you have done that,many search results will pop up and you will see that almost 100 blogs has blogged on that blog topic.

After seeing that,Do the following also:

  • Open upto 20 - 30 blogs and read each and every parts of the posts carefully over and over again.
  • Try to write down some important sentences you have seen.

After you must have done that,Look into your blog,you will see you have written down some killer important points regarding that blog topic and they were interesting.

Just after that do the following also :

  • Choose an eye catch blog topic that corresponds with what you're about to write.
  • I know after you must have read upto 20 - 30 blog topics that were speaking on the same issue,you will have some inspirations.
  • Just from the points you have in your blog,begin to write your own contents,make sure you give decent explanations and just as you're writing,many inspirations will start coming in because you have the knowledge coupled with what you have read so far.
  • When writing,try to reach atleast 600 - 1000+,its very simple,just continue writing and see the magic work for you.
  • You can repeat the same tutorial for as many blog topics you've seen interesting.

NOTE: This is not what I do.My original contents are 2000% written by me.**smiles**

Furthermore,like I said previously,this tutorial will work for you if you have at least 20% knowledge of your blog niche. Don't forget to arrange your blog post,include some paragraphs and sub-headings. Don't let your visitors get lost!. After all this you will have a great and unique content written by you and you alone.

I hope this blog post was helpful and informative,and would go along way helping you to write killer blog contents.

Share your thoughts with us

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Reasons why you are not making a dime as a blogger

Today,I will be telling you the truth behind why you're not making money from your blog as a blogger.

Most of us blog for passion and for money and furthermore putting themselves in the shoes of visitors in other to serve them better.

But some bloggers don't do that,they only came into the blogging journey because they wanna make some cash,but that isn't really gonna help.

There are certain things you need to set up before making money from your blog as a blogger,you can't just sign up for a bunch of affiliate sites and paste the ad codes

on your blog and you don't have much traffic on your blog and what's gonna generate the traffic? Its a unique content written by you!

Now,the one billion question is "Why am I not making some cash from my blog?"

We all know the popular ad network names "Google adsense" and every publisher is going for them because they're the best when it comes to payments etc.

Blogging is not easy as you think,so try to read each and every reason I have stated below that usually hinders you from making a living from your blog.

#1 - Using a free Domain Registrar:

Using a free domain registrar is unprofessional,and you really need to step ahead further.Some bloggers use the .blogspot blog and .wordpress blog but does it look great? Seriously does it? Think again dear!

Using a free domain registrar,you will not see your hustle as a serious one because your cash is not involved in it,e.g custom domain. A custom domain costs about $8 - $10 and you can save that up since its renewed yearly,a custom domain looks so much professional,and whenever your money is involved you will take it serious.

How to tackle #1

You should port to a custom domain,go for it and purchase it then you just passed the level one.

Recommended : Change .blogspot to .com easily.

#2 Not enough contents :

If your blog contents aren't enough,you haven't written some quality contents that will attract your visitor. See the chart below:

Unique visitors » Visitor » Money

So,the above chart says it all pretty well and how can you make an income without contents and visitors? And maybe you don't even know how to define your niche or what to write about.

Content is what draws the attention of visitors to your blog and when I say content I mean Unique contents and not unique copied contents.

How to tackle #2

You need to start writing unique contents by yourself and avoid copy and paste,it won't do you any good.If you choose the wrong niche,then change to a niche you know you can write on pretty well, and the word should be at least up to 600 - 1000+ words. Write interesting articles,it will make your visitors come back again.

#3 Unprofitable Niche:

You might be running an unprofitable blog niche and that has been affecting you a lot. Unprofitable blog niche is a bad idea in blogging and you need to adjust. Niche is what defines your blog,and it makes up your niche,therefore you need to make serious editions as regard to that,and port to profitable niches you can write about too.

How to tackle #3

Choose a niche that is profitable and for fun,who doesn't wanna make money in blogging? Also choose a blog niche that Google ad sense will love if you are applying for adsense. Before engaging into blogging,try to research and find out how engaged the niche is and if you're going to gain from the niche.

#4 Putting money first:

You signed up for blogger and in the next minute you're signing for for affiliate networks..haa! Are you obsessed with money? I understand how you feel but some important steps needs to be taken before your reward starts to come.

To make money from blogging is not easy as you think.You need to be hardworking,courageous and most importantly you need to be committed to what so ever you're doing and if you make it today,tomorrow is another.

Always remember Unique visitors » Visitors » Money!

How to tackle #4

If you're the type that puts money first and still don't follow the rules guiding it then you're not doing it right.Always put your visitors first,its only visitors that will get you what you what and when I say visitors,I mean TRAFFIC.You have to have a way to bring them directly to your blog.

#5 Not enough Visitors:

We all know,the more visitors,the more money and the visitors can only come if you provide them with what they love and what is great.The main key point is No Visitors = No Money. That's the simple slogan here!

How to tackle #5

The main way to get visitors is you provide unique contents for them.Avoid short posts.Give necessary details of every post and make it interesting and readable.Free from Jargons.
Share your blog posts to social media like facebook,twitter,googleplus etc and you will get some traffic if you have enough interesting articles.

I hope this information was helpful,share your thoughts and share with your friends.

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Saturday, 15 October 2016

How to become popular,rank higher in search engines and make money like ogbongeblog.

Most of you must have googled and thought of how to become popular with your blog and how you can beat Ogbongeblog and rank higher in google searches than him.You usually see ogbongeblog in google searches,when you have googled with the keywords he used in his blog post,and because you live in Nigeria,you often see his blog in searches if you google on same similar search preferences on Tech,Howtos.

Who dosen't know ogbongeblog? Atleast 55% knows this site,especially those that are in the blogging journey.Anyway,everything he speaks on his blog is always unique. Ogbongeblog has unique contents,which every blogger will always love to read and consume.

His blog is very popular in Nigeria,but will that always be? You can re-write your own history,your own blog can be more popular than him only if you work hard and you can also become popular too via your own blog. Don't stay at a corner and whisper" Oh,I wish my blog will be like ogbongeblog,don't wish,rather go for it and make it happen.

Today,I'm using ogbongeblog as a case study in this article and I will be speaking more of " how to be popular and appreciated like ogbongeblog both in popularity and in rank" This is not a super story,its gonna be a reality,if you could just read on.

Becoming popular and ranking higher just like ogbongeblog is not a day job,its not easy. It requires hard work on your own side. Ranking more than ogbongeblog and becoming popular than him,requires a lot of hard work on your own side like I said previously.

Now,come to think of it,what really gave ogbongeblog waves? Content of Cause!! Yes,unique content. The day bloggers will start acknowledging this fact,the day they will start growing gradually. Don't dream of your blog becoming like that of Ogbongeblog if you're not intelligent and if you don't have a defined goal or ambition.

RECOMMENDED : Killer marketing strategies to consider when starting an online business - 2016

Okay,let's categorize it for better understanding ;


You need to get ready for this,there are many sites out there that aspires to be like someone that has already made it. Sometimes,we storm into blogging because,other people made it and we're motivated. You need to relax your mind ask yourself "I'm ready for this?" You also have to know that blogging is not for everyone,it might not favor you the way you want it. Having accepted this,you're gradually coming into the blogging world,filled with billions of bloggers,trying to achieve different goals,while some has already achieved theirs.Are you ready? Think twice.


Still trying to beat and overshadow ogbongeblog (jide) and as well rank higher than him. Do you have a defined goal? What's your aim? Did you wake up this morning and thought of overshadowing ogbongeblog? A defined Goal means want you want to engage in,what you intend offering to visitors around you. Okay,you do have a defined goal,but will those people like it? Is it genuine?Can they fall in love with your site after reading it? If yes,then let's forge ahead.


If you want to be popular and rank higher just like ogbongeblog as well as other bloggers too,you need to be one hell of a writer,Oh yeah! You need to be a writer,okay,let me tell you a short story.

"I'm a writer,I usually write first in my book,usually a long thick note,before transferring to my blog,that long thick note,usually finishes in 5 days time,while before then,I must have consumed 2 pieces of new pen."

Interesting right? You need to become a writer,a good writer to be precised! You need to be intelligent,you need to write what people will love,you need to research(link) and know what they can consume comfortably.


I think this very one is 10,000% important:and must be acknowledged by anyone reading this article. A good niche  ranges from health,tech,education etc. And hey ! Choose a niche you can write one,and not a niche you can copy from other bloggers. Always bear in mind that " You can't beat the competition by copying the competition" That's deep right? ..

So choose a niche you can comfortably write on perfectly well without copying. I write on best blogging tips, social media tips and entrepreneurship tips to success on my blog and people always say that seeing ladies that write on this niches are a rare gem, **smiles** but I sticked to it,because that's what I offer.


Cool bloggers anthem,has always been "Content is king" does it sound strange to you? No,I don't think so. This particular anthem works like magic,When you have a great and unique content on your blog,then you're already creating waves already,because visitors will always find their way to your blog. If you continue to provide unique content for them,especially what they love,then your chances of been popular,rank higher and appreciated like ogbongeblog and the rest of them is assured.


You need back-links,if you wish to create waves too,back-links is what tells google how important a page is,if there are blogs and websites linking to you,oh dear,you're really making it. You'll be needing a lot of back-links if you want to popular,rank higher and appreciated like ogbongeblog and friends. If you have like 1000 back-links from different sites,its assumed that they're casting votes for you,and then google will begin to index your site 24/7 thereby getting your site more exposure and becoming popular.

Always write guest posts,submit your site to directories,provide information on popular forums like Nairaland,Warrior-forum,Digital forums,then provide your site link with anchor text,comment on people's updates etc. Back links plays an important role too .. It really does.


Hey dear,start getting engaged in social media platforms,some of them are ; facebook,twitter,reddit etc. yeah! Share your posts there too and if you can advertise your blog then go ahead. Social media can help you get popular also.


Whatsoever you're doing,be consistent with it,don't give up;okay? I starting blogging at the age of "16" and I'm still doing it till just need an ambition,Owner of ogbongeblog.Jide was consistent,he was hardworking and he had patience over those years!he never gave up,then why should you? you're just starting.


Always be a good fellow,peace loving,relate with your visitors,let everyone know you and let them also have a chance to interact with you whenever they want to. Don't be too hard on them;always be outspoken and free .. Wish you all the best!
Now,you can probably see,everything is obvious,until you acknowledge all that I've mentioned,then nothing will stop you from making waves too. And then you can as well be popular,rank higher and appreciated like ogbongeblog and his opponents and also rank better in search engines respectively.

"You can't beat the competition by copying the competition" Be your own self and do your own things. Those are some secrets,yet to be told,but discovered by few!

You can always send a mail to,if you want to discuss with me personally, as per becoming a successful blogger and Making waves too; just very easy! T&C applied!

Share this article with your friends if you enjoyed it,by hitting the share botton,afterall sharing is caring!!

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