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4 Killer Ways To Write Blog Contents Yourself

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Writing original blog contents yourself to your blog always makes your blog to stand out no matter what. You entered into the blogging world,yet you're still copying from other bloggers,what difference does it make? Some bloggers out there are sometimes short of words and don't know what to write on again.

Today I will be teaching those bloggers "How to write original contents in their blog by yourselvesSometimes we open a blog to make money,but where are the things that will yield us money? Below is the chart I made.

Unique contents » visitors/traffic » money

I know the first and second step is so hard to get now,but that's exactly what I want to tackle.

This lesson is like a tutorial and before it can work for you,you need to have 20% + the knowledge of the niche you're writing on.If you don't have the knowledge,then it won't work for you.

#1 know your blog niche:

Firstly,you need to know your blog niche. You need to define your blog niche.You need to know what your blog niche is all about.If you're running a micro or macro niche,you need to have a knowledge of them as well.Your blog niche is what defines your blog,your blog niche needs to be understandable,hot cake and accurate.Your blog niche should be what 70% of visitors will like.

Every blog niche you choose,you need to have atleast 20% knowlege of it;If you don't,switch to the one you have the knowledge.Whenever you're choosing a blog niche try to research and see if its okay by you and if you can go ahead with it.In my blog Firmlogger,I talk about blogging tips, social media tips, internet marketing, make money online, web designs and inspirational topicsIt seems like many topics but its actually one if you look clearly.

In other to make this tutorial work for you,you need to define your blog niche and know what's its really speaking about.

#2 Have a writng material:

Getting a writing material is very easy.Your writing material will be made up of #1 Book and #2 Pen.With these two materials,you're ready.

Your writing material is what you will need in other to write and make some corrections on the blog post you have written before transferring to your blog.

Don't write directly to your blog,although I have no explanations about it for now,but having a writing material will help you out a lot;and that's what you will also be needing in this tutorial in other to write contents by yourself. I use a long tick note as one of my writing material and it really helps especially in future,because you can go through it and there you can bring out another interesting topic and write about it immediately.

#3 Don't be lazy:

Before you thought of becoming a blogger,you should have known it needs commitment and dedication and as well patience. If you're the type that is always lazy,I don't think this tutorial will work for you. For you to write original contents by yourself,you need to be hardworking and you should know,you're really gonna start thinking and writing it down somewhere.

You need to write what visitors will love and what's presentable.You can't be lazy and you expect to write original contents yourself. Moreover,you need to be hard working and committed if you wanna make it work and if you really want to make this happen yourself.

#4 Do some research:

This step is actually where the magic happens,and where you need to combine all the steps mentioned earlier.Here,you need to do some research and when doing the research,make sure you have a writing material with you.

You will have to browse on the internet for blog topics relating to your blog niche,remember"You must know your blog niche"
While browsing on related blog topics for your blog niche,and you saw a very interesting blog post update someone else has written and it was accurate,Now do the following carefully:

  • Copy down the blog topic
  • Paste the blog topic in the search engine and hit "search"

After you have done that,many search results will pop up and you will see that almost 100 blogs has blogged on that blog topic.

After seeing that,Do the following also:

  • Open upto 20 - 30 blogs and read each and every parts of the posts carefully over and over again.
  • Try to write down some important sentences you have seen.

After you must have done that,Look into your blog,you will see you have written down some killer important points regarding that blog topic and they were interesting.

Just after that do the following also :

  • Choose an eye catch blog topic that corresponds with what you're about to write.
  • I know after you must have read upto 20 - 30 blog topics that were speaking on the same issue,you will have some inspirations.
  • Just from the points you have in your blog,begin to write your own contents,make sure you give decent explanations and just as you're writing,many inspirations will start coming in because you have the knowledge coupled with what you have read so far.
  • When writing,try to reach atleast 600 - 1000+,its very simple,just continue writing and see the magic work for you.
  • You can repeat the same tutorial for as many blog topics you've seen interesting.

NOTE: This is not what I do.My original contents are 2000% written by me.**smiles**

Furthermore,like I said previously,this tutorial will work for you if you have at least 20% knowledge of your blog niche. Don't forget to arrange your blog post,include some paragraphs and sub-headings. Don't let your visitors get lost!. After all this you will have a great and unique content written by you and you alone.

I hope this blog post was helpful and informative,and would go along way helping you to write killer blog contents.

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