Tuesday, 1 November 2016

6 Reasons Your Blog Don't Show Up In Search Engines.

You might be worried why your blog don't always show up in search engines and it has resulted to you having low traffic to your blog.Some bloggers has the same problem but it will be solved today.

If your blog don't always show up in search engines,then you need to work on it.Every blogger wants his/her contents to get indexed often in search engines,which will result to a range number of traffic.

If your blog have an upper hand in search engines,then google will always send you traffic,because they'll be indexing your blog posts often and on.

Today,I will be writing on why your blog don't always show up in search engines.

You're using a blogger blog: 

One of the reasons your blog don't always show up in search engines is because you use a blogger blog to blog. Using a blogger blog to blog which is officially owned by google,you won't get an upper hand in search engines. Blogger blogs have less exposure.

okay let me prove it : If you can just think 80% of blogs you enter when you search for something in google are not hosted in blogger.com,they're hosted at wordpress or somewhere else. It's so hard to see a blogger blog indexed by google. So having Known this,You should consider having a self hosted blog at wordpress or any host you like,and then watch your blog get an upper hand in search engines gradually.

You don't have quality Backlinks :

One of the reasons why you don't have an upper hand in search engines is because you don't have quality backlinks linking to your blog. Google won't waste time to index your blog if you have a lot of quality backlinks to your blog.

What Google understands is that Backlinks depicts how important your page is and the also see backlinks as votes,the more quality backlinks/votes you have,the more google will index your site. So,start creating quality backlinks to your site,it plays a good role too in making your blog show up in search engines often.

You don't make make use of keywords tool:

This term should be acknowledged if you want google to index your site the way you want. You need to make use of a keyword tool. Example of a keyword is " Search engine optimization",but you can add it a little sentence in other to look like " 4 killer search engine optimization tips" Use this keyword all over your post but don't over do it,keep your visitors in mind,don't let them get confused when reading your article,you can also use relevant keywords.

When you use keywords in your article,google will send you traffic if some couple of people googled with that keyword you used in your blog when writing. Now,you've seen and understood how important it is to use keywords in your article.

You have little or no content :

In other for your blog to always show up in search engines,you must have and write unique contents. Your contents should be great and interesting and furthermore understandable. You don't have to confuse your visitors with your jargon's.

You should be able to write at least 700 words and above and make you sure you always cover the topic you started.

You should always have enough contents,google loves unique contents,so make it as a habit today and start writing original and unique contents.

Your blog is not properly optimized:
Also think of optimizing your blog if you want an upper hand in google search engines. Optimizing your blog is extremely important because it plays a good role too in indexing your blog properly.

Some of the optimization Guides are :

Optimize your blog tittle:
If your blog tittle looks like "welcome to my blog" its not right,you should include your keywords there too like : blogging tips | web designs | Online Marketing. Its helps google to actually understand what you're up to.

Optimize your pictures :
When you're uploading a picture rename it to a keyword,example : Blogspot.jpg and not 0075.jpg,and don't forget to edit you alt text to your keywords too.

Optimize your blog contents :
When writing an article,input your keywords in the first paragraph and at the last paragraph.

You're practicing copy and paste :
Many people has been doing that lately and this method won't help you rank well in google searches. It hurts your ranking badly. If you do this,you're also putting the real owner of the content in trouble because it will also hurt his/her ranking as well.

So,you should consider writing your own content and google will never waste time to acknowledge your existence. Always write unique contents,let it be consumable and accurate and don't try to tweak other people's post.

Above is what might be hindering your blog from showing up in search engines and the moment you start learning from it,then google will always make your blog have an upper hand in search engines.

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