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Hello guys,Thanks for landing on " ABOUT PAGE " at www.firmlogger.com

Firmlogger was launched on December 2015 by Joy Okoro with the motive to provide every possible guides and tutorials related to blogging for newbie bloggers.The main goal of starting this blog is to build an active community of bloggers so that they can learn every aspect of blogging in a better way.


Firmlogger constantly tries to bring quality tutorials and contents for bloggers to help them make their blog more better gradually.Our unique and detailed posts will surely help you to be an independent successful blogger.

Blogging needs proper guidance and perfect resources to learn concepts that results in good productivity.lack of proper guidance to the newbie bloggers leads to disappointment which results in unsuccessful blogging.

And here FL  comes to rescue by helping them with quality and easy to follow tips,tricks and tutorials to make a successful money making blogging.

This blog mainly focus on the following categories:

  • Blogging tips

  • Social media tips

  • Web designs

  • Internet marketing

  • Search engine optimization

  • And many more

Meet Blog Founder - Joy Okoro

Hello guys,this is me - JOY
I'm 19 years young ( I'm not old :p )Passionate blogger from Abia state - Nigeria. I'm a dedicated blogger who loves to explore the innovation blogging related things.Writing is my craze and I mostly write about blogging tips and social media tips.I want my blog to be perceived as fun and approachable as well as make complex topics understandable.

I'm a writer and a full time blogger.

I always like to think about my blog and plan on how to make it popular. This thought encourages me to do more better than than what I did in the past days.

What's my future plans with this blog?

I want FL to be a platform to learn good and real blogging.I want to make a blog that everyone including the bloggers at every stage to deal with the issue and problems they face in their blogging career.

My goal is to make money but not at the cost of my readers trust. I love what I do and hope to build my career in blogging with your continuous love,support and care.

Thanks to all of readers and friends that love my blog.Hope you continue your support to FL as without you guys me and FL is incomplete.I really appreciate you all for the efforts you pour to the growth of FL.

Once again a heartily thanks to all for reading my thoughts,

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