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Love what you read "about me" or you believe in my expertise and would like me to get some stuffs done for you,then do not hesitate to "contact me".

If you would like to recommend me to a company,business or organization and in need of my resume,I can easily make it available for you.If your recommendation works,then I shall opt-in.I am as well open for negotiations,hence we can negotiate in this.

Some of the services I render are listed below:

  • SEO Optimization(making your site/blog rank well in google search engines)
  • Social media integration/marketing(facebook,twitter)for your business organizations.
  • Blogger blog modifications(custom domain name,blog header and much more)
  • Web designs: your blog will be designed,it will have many features,responsive and professional.(If you like my blog template you can order for it)
  • Blog traffic: You can pay for traffic and you will receive them in your blog i.e we shall be sending you visitors to your blog,you can monetize with it or you can use it for any other reason.
  • Adsense approval: We shall get your blog approved for adsense in no time,and you shall start monetizing your blog ASAP and feel at home.This usually takes me 2 weeks to accomplish.Don't panic!
  • Transfer of domain : I will transfer the domain name you purchased to your blogspot blog or any web host you have.OR I will help you purchase a service e.g domain,webhost at any registrar.
  • I will review your blog/website
  • Content writer : I also write genuine quality contents ranging from 500 - 2000.
Looking for a service that's not listed?

"Contact me" with your request.


Contact me

You can contact me on facebook,twitter,via phone or email.Though a busy lady,you can still schedule physical appointments with me provided you are not far from me.

EMAIL - Joy@firmlogger.com
PHONE - +234810542492

Feel free to use the comment box below on my blog if you have anything to say.

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